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"America's Voice of Motivation"

Seminars & Keynotes:

Effective Communications

Stand And Deliver: How To Create and Deliver A Dynamic Presentation With Confidence

Keynote or Luncheon address (45-60 minutes) or Seminar (2-3 hrs)

Whether you are a seasoned speaker or working on your first icebreaker in Toastmasters, the fundamentals for creating and delivering a dynamic presentation remains the same. In a competitive and challenging environment, your ability to communicate well and get your ideas and points across to your audience is crucial to your continued advancement and success in business and/or your career. At the conclusion of this program you will have learned:

  • How to create and deliver presentations that are not only memorable powerful and engaging.
  • How to instantly bond with your audience.
  • The most powerful formula in Public Speaking.
  • How to close your speech so strongly that, you and your message will be remembered long after your presentation has ended.
  • The three things you should never do: before, during or after your presentation.

21 Techniques & Strategies, The Pros Use Control Public Speaking Anxiety

Keynote or Luncheon address (45-60 minutes) or Seminar (2-3 hrs)

It's been said, and well documented that, the fear of Public Speaking is the number one fear among human beings. Death is number two. So I guess this suggests "the average person would rather be stretched out in a casket, than standing over it giving the eulogy." Most careers and leadership positions, require an adequate ability, to give effective presentations and speak in a coherently persuasive manner. This is "must-have if one is to compete successfully, in a demanding economically challenged society. All too often though, this fear of Public Speaking is what holds the otherwise competent person back. In this program, Kenny Ray reveals the techniques and strategies, that Pros use daily, to control their anxieties from the platform. At the conclusion of this program, you will have learned:

  • 21 Techniques and Strategies to successfully control your fear of public speaking.
  • How to identify the conscious mindset, which drives the physical symptoms, that causes your fears to run rampant.
  • The significance of focusing on controlling your fears, rather than trying to overcome them.
  • The three things alone, that will cut an enormous chuck out of your nagging anxieties for Public Speaking.


Mama Said That There'll Be Days Like This: If It's To Be; It's Up To Me!

Keynote or Luncheon address (45-60 minutes)

This popular Kenny Ray presentation chronicles his amazing story; from growing up in the south, to transitioning from a career choice he hated and through much trials and tribulations, determination and persistence, became one of the top and most respected Throughout this presentation, you will apply various elements and strategies for coping with adversity, change, and fear. "Mama Said" is sure to inspire and motivate any individual finding themselves: in transition, in between jobs, laid off or just seeking direction for their lives, in .

Cow or Rhino: How Thick Is Your Skin?

Keynote or Luncheon address (45-60 minutes) or Seminar (2-3hrs)

What an audience favorite! This program really engages the participants. Kenny Ray delivers a poignant message of courage, persistence and mental toughness. The audience members are challenged to look into their inner mirrors and ask themselves the following question; "Am I truly to my success and winning in life, or am I merely INVOLVED, just going through the motions?" Kenny Ray develops the theme that: In life, we are either a Cow or Rhino. Cows are fenced in, trapped in their own thin skin and are merely involved in survival. They "lead lives of quiet desperation", as Henry David Thoreau once said. On the other hand, Rhinos are committed, focused, and roam free toward their goals, regardless of the adverse circumstances they face. They're always thriving and not just trying to survive. By program's end, everyone will be charging forward with of a resilient, committed Rhino!

Change Management

Choice, Challenge & Change

Keynote or Luncheon address (45-60 minutes)

It's been "the only people who like change are cashiers and wet babies." Change is inevitable and it happens fast, whether we're ready for it or not. Why do we resist change and try to avoid it at all cost? Resistance to change is often rooted in our fear of the unknown. However; when we truly begin to understand how beneficial change can be, we gain great power and confidence over our fear of it. In this program, Kenny Ray brings you face to face with one of the biggest obstacles to change; your comfort zone. He demonstrates how the 3C's: Choice, Challenge & Change can help liberate us from our debilitating comfort zones; or if we allow them to, how they can imprison our greatest potential, holding the best we have to offer hostage; thus, relegating us to lives of mediocrity and unfulfilled dreams.

Peak Sales Performance

"Shake It Off! And Step It Up!": Turning Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones.

Keynote or Luncheon address (45-60 minutes) 

On our journey to becoming top Sales Professionals, we will often run into unforeseen roadblocks, setbacks, and major rejection. Such obstacles can and will knock the best of us on our backs. Kenny Ray develops the theme that, it's certainly no shame in being knocked down in life, however; the shame comes in staying down. After as Gary Eby said, "we don't drown by falling into the water; we drown by staying there." In this program, Kenny Ray demonstrates how we float our way back to the top; becoming resilient and taking personal responsibility to shake off the adversities we so often encounter in the business of selling and negotiating. Throughout this program, Kenny Ray emphasizes the importance of self-belief. Because with it, there's no objection or adversity that one can't conquer. After all, "the hardest sale you'll ever have to make is to yourself."

Rising Above Mediocrity! How To Take Your Sales Career To The Next Level.

 Keynote or Luncheon address (45-60minutes)

What do you do when it seems you've hit the proverbial brick wall of life? You want to step into your greatness, but though you're stuck in the mud of mediocrity. Even as a peak sales performer, how can you raise the bar and challenge yourself to new standards? When life throws unexpected curves, do you maintain a proactive or reactive state of mind? Most people tend to be reactive and concentrate on problems and rejection. In this you will discover new solutions and insights to these and much more; as Kenny Ray demonstrates from personal experience, adopt the mentality of a proactive optimist; who, while acknowledging that problems do exist, chose instead to focus all energy on the solutions. Your commitment to the sales process will rise and so will your commissions and profits.

Life & Time Management

8 Goal Keys & Nuggets That Turns Dreams Into Reality

Keynote or Luncheon address (45-60 minutes) or Seminar (2-3hrs) 

This session offers a simplistic yet, very methodical step-by-step approach to help you achieve your most desired results. You will be inspired to unlock your best potential and tap into your inborn creativity, to achieve more goals faster than you ever thought possible. Your level of productivity will heighten, as Kenny Ray points you to proven techniques for setting priorities and to manage your time more effectively. You'll begin to focus single-mindedly and acquire to overcome the fear and obstacles, which have too often derailed your dreams and aspirations. This is a program that's designed for all, especially for the Sales Professionals.

Overcoming Procrastination: The Enemy Within 

Keynote or Luncheon address (45-60 minutes) 

We all know the old saying, "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today." This may seem like a trite colloquialism, but nonetheless, it still rings true. One of the most debilitating enemies of our life and is the enemy of procrastination. Procrastination is the thief of time; the thief of profits and the thief of peace of mind. Most people engage in unconscious procrastination. They procrastinate without thinking about it. As a result, they put off performing the most important and valuable tasks, which can have long-term consequences on their lives and careers. In this program, Kenny Ray will introduce you to time management strategies and techniques, which have been used by countless numbers of very successful individuals, such as Charles Schwab and Mary Kay Ash. At the program's end, you away with: clarity of purpose; clarity of vision, and time management skills, that you'll be able to put into practice immediately. These newly help you successfully complete your most valuable work task, efficiently and effectively; thus, freeing you up to spend more quality time with those who mean the most, and to do the things that give you the greatest pleasure, satisfaction happiness.


7 Keys To Becoming A Winning Professional In The 21st Century

Keynote or Luncheon address (45-60 minutes) or Seminar (2-3hrs) 

This program emphasizes the 7 key traits that all successful Leaders and Movers & Shakers exhibit in business, as well as their personal relationships. They come as a result of an of Kenny Ray's: personal study, observation, interviewing and picking the brains of several of his very own successful clients; many of which are millionaires, and two have become billionaires. These 7 keys will challenge you, to seriously examine your shortcomings and deficiencies in each area. Kenny Ray will guide you in the appropriate direction, to take specific actions, those of which will put you on the right track, to earning high dividends in all aspects of your life.

Leaders That Dare To Serve

Keynote or Luncheon address (45-60 minutes)

What constitutes a great leader? Is it their ability to step in and successfully take charge of a problem situation? Perhaps it's their charisma, vision or commitment. Or could it be their charming personality, tenacity or just plain old hard work? Experts all agree there are specific essential characteristics, which define all great leaders. In this program, Kenny Ray will challenge you to examine whether "your leader within" measures up to those essential characteristics. At the completion of this "soul searching journey", your passion and capacity to lead and serve others will increase; thus, you'll definitely understand why people will actually admire, respect and want to follow you as a true leader.

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