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"America's Voice of Motivation"


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7 Keys To Becoming A Winning

Professional In The 21st Century

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"Ken, I just wanted to tell you that we really enjoyed your DVD, '7 Keys To Becoming A Winning Professional In The 21st Century' so much. It was motivating and inspiring and above all, it was a pleasure meeting you. You really brought out something from inside of us that we never thought would be so intriguing." --Sarah Wadi, Business Banker, TCF National Bank, Minneapolis, MN.   

"Ken, thank you so much for your presentation at the Burnsville Woman's Access lunch a few weeks ago. I enjoyed what you had to say on the '7 Keys'. I was one of the ladies that received your CD. It helps me to keep focused during my workouts and is a wonderful inspiration to keep that positive attitude." --Jill Hendrickson, Nature's Healing Room, St. Paul, MN


8 Goal Keys & NuggetsThat Turns Dreams Into Reality

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"Hey Ken, I was just talking about your CD, '8 Goal Keys' to an associate. I was saying how great it is! I have listened to the whole thing two or three times already." --Mike Casey, Casey Design Group, Minnetonka, MN.

"Hey Ken, I'm back in town. I really enjoyed your CD, '8 Goal Keys & Nuggets That Turns Dreams Into Reality', and can't wait to watch the DVD! And thank you for the kind words in the inscription of the DVD." --Joel J. Virtue, Investor, Plaza Park Financial, Minneapolis, MN. 

" Kenny, I just want to express my gratitude for your inspirational event last night. I am already listening to your CD '8 Goal Keys That Turns Dreams Into Reality", and it is absolutely amazing. Again, thank you so much. I am that ONE person that you have inspired and motivated!" --Diana Plante, Independent Associate Isagenix, Minneapolis, MN 


Mama Said That There'll Be Days Like This:

If It's To Be; It's Up To Me!

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"Born Giorno Mr. Morgan. I have heard your CD's on motivation for the 21st Century. I enjoyed your messages and phases to keep oneself on track. The two segments I liked most were, 'If It's To Be It's Up To Me' and 'Persist Until You Succeed'. Just wanted to say thank you from abroad. Keep pointing up!" --Joe Ferrara, Vinelli & Scotto, International Moving & Relocation, Milan Italy

"Ken, just a quick note to let you know I really enjoyed the DVD I purchased at the Circles event, 'Mama Said That There'll Be Days Like This' . Great stuff! And your presentation was fabulous! Keep up the great work." --Dr. Juneau K. Robbins, Cultural Clinics, P.A. Minneapolis, MN.

"Ken, thank you for your talk last Saturday. It was tremendous! We had an amazing conference, from your talk through the last presenter. Everybody is motivated, I mean everybody! I'm enjoying your CD's as well. It is apparent that God has given you a great talent and that you work at it every day." --Stephanie Weber, Pres./Co-Founder Artful Decor, Inc., Hudson, WI.


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8 Goal Keys 8 Goal Keys DVD
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