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Professional Image

The Psychology of Image: Dressed For Success or Dressed To Kill?

This program can be a 45 minute to an hour-long Keynote for any size audience, or an excellent choice for a Seminar or Breakout Session, for up to 2-3 hours. It can also be customized to emphasize an organization's dress code. The participants will receive: the fundamentals of appropriate attire for valuable tips on the much overlooked and assumed area of grooming; don'ts of dressing in a professional environment, as which to a more relaxed standard. Distinctions will be made between, what " & Date wear." With the sensitivity involved in this subject matter, Kenny Ray cleverly works in his patented humor, to keep his participants engaged and at ease; while at the same time, reminding them that they are the company, and as such, must represent it with integrity and professionalism.

"Ken you are the reason I wear custom clothing today all my business affairs. Your presentation at the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce on Custom Clothing was one of the most inspiring presentations I've seen." -Bill Roddy, Director of Technology, Osiris Organization, Minneapolis, MN

"You have succeeded in distinguishing between personal style and a mentality of business professionalism. Thank you for taking the time to clarify some common mistakes we make when trying to mix our personal style with society's vision." -Bobby Joe Swiboda, Financial Adviser, Ameriprise Financial, Minneapolis, MN 

"Kenny Ray, thank you for putting your heart in everything you do. You are truly a consummate master of the art of clothing Sir." -Duane E. Smotherman, Executive Consultant/Senior Partner, Smotherman and Partners, Phoenix, AZ

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