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"America's Voice of Motivation"

For over 22 years, Kenny Ray Morgan has provided Custom Clothing and services for Fortune 500 Executives, Famous Athletes, Lawyers, Doctors, Politicians, High Profile Entertainers, Entrepreneurs, and Professional Speakers all across the country. As Founder of Morgan's Custom Clothiers in Minneapolis, he's helped his clients achieve professional images that gives them a competitive edge in their careers; while at the same time, projecting a healthy, confident, and dapper appearance in business and all aspects of their lives.

Companies spend thousands, even millions of dollars branding their businesses. They develop strategic marketing campaigns and memorable slogans, all in an effort to get the consumer to purchase their goods and/or services. Only to have it sabotaged by uninformed employees, who project non-professional images and exhibit behavior that's incongruent with that of the organization's goals and objectives. This no doubt, can and will have a negative effect on the companies bottom line. Here's where Kenny Ray steps in. Not only has he worked with individuals to help them improve their overall image, but with companies as well.

With an uncommon approach, Kenny Ray partners with your team to inspire and motivate them to new levels of professionalism. In his seminar "Dress For Success or Dressed To Kill", Kenny Ray cleverly presents a unique blend of valuable strategies, tips, do's, and don'ts; along with some very sound recommendations for keeping your team "head and shoulders" above the rest of the competition, when it comes to projecting a winning company image.

Regardless of the personnel represented in an organization male or female; from accountants to zoologists, inevitably the subject of professional appearance rears its indifferent head and must be addressed effectively. What better way to handle such a sensitive area as this, than with a Pro like Kenny Ray?

This can be a 45-minute Keynote or a 1 to Seminar. Either way, it's a no brainier and event or conference's end, you'll look like a star for booking this one.

If your organization would like to book

Kenny Ray for an individual appointment,

or for a Keynote or Seminar, please contact him at:

Kenny Ray Morgan

12300 Singletree Lane, Suite 1208

Minneapolis, MN 55344

[email protected]


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