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"America's Voice of Motivation"

Meeting Planners

It is with great pride that we submit this package to you, requesting your sincere consideration of extending an invitation for Mr. Kenny Ray Morgan to speak to your constituency. As you can see, Kenny Ray is a well-respected Speaker and Entrepreneur, who has been featured on live TV, radio and has several published articles around the country. His messages have literally helped to change the lives of people throughout the country from destinations all around the world. He speaks on subjects Motivation/Inspiration, Leadership, Professional Image, and more. The attached questionnaire will enable Kenny Ray to customize his presentation to the exact needs, goals expectations of that of the organization's. Feel free to skip over answers which would merely duplicate answers to previous questions, or which might be irrelevant due to the nature of the event. Your help will increase the value of this program to the audience. The questionnaire is in word format. If it would help, we can deliver it to you in another format. Please advise, if at all necessary or contact: Kenny Ray Morgan 612-272-4521, Email [email protected]

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