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"America's Voice of Motivation"


"Thank you so much for your inspirational talk at General Mills today. When I saw your background, I thought, 'I have to attend!' I am very inspired by your career move and your motivation/action to start your own company. I'm excited about making some changes in my life to make things happen. Thank you for being the spark to make that happen."

-Cheryl Triplett, Financial Assoc. General Mills, Minneapolis, MN

"I would like to compliment you on your ability to capture the interest and attention of the audience from the very start. You provide a balance of inspiration, humor, and motivation to a very diverse group of business and community leaders. The passion with which you delivered your comments was unmatched by any I have ever witnessed. Thanks for putting it all on the line for us, we were all very impressed."

-Marcus Doppler, President KleinBank, Chanhassen, MN

"Ken, how can I thank you for speaking to the hearts and minds of my Central Sales organization? You were energizing, fun, and informative. You gave them the truth and there is no price we can attach to the benefits of that!" 

-Ruth Mund, Zone Manager Lia Sofia, Jewelry Blaine, MN 

Ken, I promised you that I would forward any feedback I received from employees on your presentation:

1. "I thought he was a fantastic, very energetic, good story of perseverance and relating that to business."

2. "Bring him back next year to do the 'Dress for Success' presentation. Too bad we ran out of time."

3. "Mr. Morgan was the best speaker in my opinion in all the years I have been with the firm. He was charismatic, passionate, energetic, and able to keep our attention."

Overall, I believe you were a 'hit'! 

-Anne Hildreth Huber, Controller, Boeckermann, Grafstrom & Mayer CPA's Bloomington, MN

"Ken, thank you so much for your absolutely one-hour presentation last Saturday at our Winter Conference. You were amazing! Your uplifting talk started our event on a high note, which carried enthusiasm and positive energy throughout the day. I have to say and others in attendance say that it was the best event that we have ever hosted in our six-year company history. What most impressed me about your presentation, was the immediate action taken by our sales reps upon leaving the conference. That is the true litmus test of a great speaker."

-Stephanie Weber, President & Co-Founder Artful Decor, Inc. Hudson, WI

"Kenny, I just want to express my gratitude for your inspirational event last night. I am already listening to your CD, '8 Goal Keys That Turns Dreams Into Reality', and it is absolutely amazing. Again, thank you so much. I am that ONE person that you have inspired and motivated!" -Diana Plante, Independent Associate, Isagenix, Minneapolis, MN

" Giorno Mr. Morgan. I have heard your CD on 7 Keys To Becoming A Winning Professional In The 21st Century. I enjoyed your messages & phrases to keep oneself on track. The two segments I liked most were, 'If It's To Be It's Up To Me' and 'Persist Until You Succeed'. I just wanted to say thank you from abroad. Keep pointing up!"

-Joe Ferrara, Vinelli & Scotto, International Moving & Relocation, Milan Italy

"Ken, Just a note to let you know how stimulating and moved I was listening to your sincere delivery. In my line of work I've been exposed to many Motivational Speakers in my lifetime, however; you are one of the few whose message is 'A Call to Action.' Your messages are very timely and the type of things that never go out of style. You are a Tremendous Speaker and Outstanding Teacher. Thank you for being willing to share your heart."

-Darrell G. Cooper, Network Vice-President, AT&T Communications, Atlanta, GA

"Kenny, thank you so much for your inspiring presentation to our group of TCF Bank Business Bankers in September. Your passion and excitement kept the group holding on to each word. I know as a result of your presentation, our group of bankers will reach even greater success than they have today."

 -Lisa Tollakson, Vice-President Regional Manager, TCF Bank, Minneapolis, MN

"You may not have realized it, but you were the star speaker today. Congrats on a successful event, and I hope you got tons of business out of the exposure." -David Anderson, Anderson Law Office, Minneapolis, MN

"Ken, as President of the Eden Prairie AM Rotary, I wanted to thank you for speaking to our club this morning. Your high energy delivery and your ability to personalize the speech around the Rotary motto 'service above self' resulted in one of the best programs that we have had in my ten years associated with this club. Everyone wished we had more time to listen to your 'Seven Keys to Success. Thank you very much for a very professional presentation."

-Frank J. Sherwood, President, Eden Prairie AM Rotary, Eden Prairie, MN

"Kenny Ray, I want to thank you again for the GREAT inspiring talk and training you shared at the DSWA. I really left that meeting feeling motivated. I have been in direct sales for many years. I have heard many, many speakers, but few have affected me the way yours did. I am excited to use some of the tools I've learned from you with my Tupperware Leader Team. Thank you again for taking the time to share your valuable energy, inspiration, motivation, and kind HEART!"

-Jan McDonough, Executive Director, Tupperware, Maple Grove, MN

"Mr. Morgan, I wish to thank you for your wonderful presentation to the first of our Minnesota Youth Leadership Academies that target young African American men, ages 14-16. Your message of being sure you make the best impression possible at that first opportunity rang true. Your energy and enthusiasm were infectious and our Academy attendees were well engaged during your time in front of them and with them. Providing our young men with this type of instruction and example is integral to rescuing them from the vicious cycle in which they find themselves. I hope you will consider presenting to the next year's group. Thanks again for everything."

-Dennis Lazenberry, Lt. Colonel (Retired), Minnesota State Patrol, Shoreview, MN

"Kenny it was a pleasure to get to know you. We enjoyed hearing your thoughts on leadership and motivation. I can tell you have a great deal of skill. I was very impressed with your commitment to improving! You inspired me."

-Mitch Lucus, Vice-President, Nuclear Engineering & Support, Luminant Power TX

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