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"America's Voice of Motivation"

Kenny Ray's Quotes

Last updated 01-25-23

"Your 2nd Chance to Make A 1st Impression"

"It's very hard to discourage a made-up mind."-Kenny Ray Morgan

"It is better to be brave for a day than to be a coward for the rest of your life." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Any movement in the direction of order creates a sense of peace within me." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Sometimes in life, you have to dare to follow your heart and hope that your head nods in agreement sooner or later." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Entering a serious relationship with the notion of changing your partner, is like making plans to convert a jackass into a racehorse, to win the Kentucky Derby." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Courage is dancing to life's music, even though you know you have two left feet... Dance Anyhow!"      -Kenny Ray Morgan

"The difference between being dressed and well-dressed is definitely the attention to detail."                  -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Procrastination is the thief of peace of mind." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"The shedding of fresh tears is good for the cleansing of the physical soul." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"If failure is the path of least persistence, then the road less traveled is non-negotiable." 

- Kenny Ray Morgan

"Never advertise your doubt; but rather, anticipate your unfolding future with great expectations." 

-Kenny Ray Morgan

"Today...this day. Live one day at a time." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"A bad habit is like quicksand; very easy to jump into, but extremely difficult to climb out of." 

-Kenny Ray Morgan

"To a child, NO means...Not Over!"-Kenny Ray Morgan

"How you think when you're down and out, determines how long it will be before you're up and running again." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"When FEAR comes unannounced into your life like a flood; pull out your lifeboat of FAITH and FLOAT ON!" -Kenny Ray Morgan

"If you don't allow the enemy to get inside of your head, they can never ever penetrate the enthusiastic light of your heart." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Hanging around negative people and trying to stay positive, makes about as much sense, as jumping into a river to dodge the rain." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Misfortunes are like glue; the longer we dwell on them, the more they tend to stick and stay." 

-Kenny Ray Morgan

"Attempting to obtain success without discipline, is like searching for a private spot in a public place." 

-Kenny Ray Morgan

"A major reason to re-visit your past memory is to deposit lessons learned into your future chest." 

-Kenny Ray Morgan

"It is impossible to become a leader if you're not willing to first humble yourself to be a committed follower." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Cherish your passion and you'll always be grateful for the success it inspires." 

-Kenny Ray Morgan

"An exceptional leader has the uncanny ability, to inspire and empower ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things." -Kenny Ray Morgan

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