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"America's Voice of Motivation"

Kenny Ray's Quotes

Last updated 08-08-20

"Your 2nd Chance to Make A 1st Impression"

"There's no such thing as a bad day; only thinking makes it so. Each and every day is a great day!" -Kenny Ray Morgan

"It's very hard to defeat or discourage a made-up mind."-Kenny Ray Morgan

"It is better to be brave for a day than to be a coward for the rest of your life." -Kenny Ray Morgan

''When all else fails...The truth will prevail." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"You cannot become a hero if you're afraid of being a goat."

-Kenny Ray Morgan

"Life's only limitations, are those which we impose on ourselves." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Remember; In the heat of battle, you can't fight the lion with your head in his mouth." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Nothing inspires the imagination, like the inspiration of desperation."

-Kenny Ray Morgan

"In pursuit of your dreams, never ever quit! For, even if by accident, you'll reach your destiny." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Any movement in the direction of order creates a sense of peace within me." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"In all things practice humility; for if you forget where you came from, you'll soon be on your way back." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Sometimes in life, you have to dare to follow your heart and hope that your head nods in agreement sooner or later." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Entering a serious relationship with the notion of changing your partner, is like making plans to convert a jackass into a racehorse, to win the Kentucky Derby." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"A life void of risk is a life lived in mediocrity." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"You can't hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Courage is dancing to life's music, even though you know you have two left feet... Dance Anyhow!" -Kenny Ray Morgan

"The difference between being dressed and well-dressed is definitely the attention to detail." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Procrastination is the thief of peace of mind." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"The shedding of fresh tears is good for the cleansing of the physical soul." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"To drag your negative past into the present is to risk poisoning your optimistic future." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"If failure is the path of least persistence, then the road less traveled is non-negotiable." - Kenny Ray Morgan

"Never advertise your doubt; but rather, anticipate your unfolding future with great expectations." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"How you stand in life, definitely depends on where you spend your time sitting." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Winners succeed not because they intend to, but because they are determined to." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"If you're pursuing your passion, you'll never have to concern yourself with chasing a pension."

-Kenny Ray Morgan

"Today...this day. Live one day at a time." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Always look for the silver lining in every dark cloud of life."

-Kenny Ray Morgan

"Over, under, around or through, 'your will' always finds a way."

-Kenny Ray Morgan

"Let your mistakes of yesterday, become your lessons for today and tomorrow." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"A bad habit is like quicksand; very easy to jump into, but extremely difficult to climb out of." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Barking dogs never chase after parked cars." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Often in life, we overlook the small things, when in fact, it's not the mountains over which we stumble, but the molehills." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"To a child, NO means...Not Over!"-Kenny Ray Morgan

"True is the leader that dares to serve." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"It's easy to work five days a week to keep pace with the competition; but, the ultimate commitment comes in working six or seven days if necessary, to pass it." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Dress your body and your mind will follow." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Your road to success is always under construction. Along the way, you must constantly monitor the company you keep; for like construction, people will either build you up, or they'll tear you down." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Your faith begins where your doubt ends." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"How you think when you're down and out, determines how long it will be before you're up and running again." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"I believe that the foundation of success is built from the broken splinters of failure." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"More than the fear of should be more horrified at the notion of not really living." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"To manifest victory on the outside, one must first envision it from within." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Live life with a sense of urgency; bite while your teeth are yet sharp!"

-Kenny Ray Morgan

"Talent will help you scale a mountain of but it's your character that'll keep you from sliding off." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"It seems that the more I learn, the more I feel a need to know." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Don't step on the little rabbits in hot pursuit of the big old elephants." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"When FEAR comes unannounced into your life like a flood; pull out your lifeboat of FAITH and FLOAT ON!" -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Intention is not a virtue; neither is Action... but it very well could be." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"If you don't allow the enemy to get inside of your head, they can never ever penetrate the enthusiastic light of your heart." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"If your Dream dies don't die with it. Dare to Dream a bigger and bolder Dream." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"You can't shine your enthusiastic light on yourself, without casting a few rays on somebody else." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Of all the things you can wear, remember; your Positive Attitude is always in style." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Your PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) is like American Express. You shouldn't dare leave home without it!" -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Choice, Challenge & Change...The Choices we make today will Challenge us to Change in one way or another tomorrow." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"When it comes to flexibility; I believe that 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Our thoughts are like muscles in the gym; whatever we focus on the longest becomes the strongest." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Hanging around negative people and trying to stay positive, makes about as much sense, as jumping into a river to dodge the rain." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Misfortunes are like glue; the longer we dwell

on them, the more they tend to stick and stay." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"When faced with one of two courses of action to take; always choose the one closest to your heart." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Show me a person with a passion for what they love to do; and I'll show you a person with an extraordinary will, to conquer that which at first seemed impossible." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"If we'd but learn to count our blessings instead of dwelling on our blemishes; our lives in gratitude would soar." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"The world is full of people with good intentions; but the only intentions that count, are the intentions done!" -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Winning is to finish 3rd; knowing that next year...there are two higher spots left to conquer." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"One quote at a time; what a difference a few meaningful words make."

-Kenny Ray Morgan

"Speakers who put their audiences 1st; will never have to worry about playing 2nd fiddle." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"When you build yourself up; you're most likely to unwittingly tear your audience down." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Ladies, sometimes life is like kissing a frog; instead of getting your dream prince, you end up with warts." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"We live...We learn and We pass it on." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Wherever you're situated in life; at some point and time the choices you've made have landed you there." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Success is one of the few doors that's impossible to open, with both hands stuck in your pockets." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"That which we hope to gain in abundance, we must first obtain a piece at a time." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"What's the difference between ordinary and extraordinary people? The road less-traveled...via the 'extra' mile." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Harboring anger is like stabbing yourself with a razor-sharp knife waiting for your enemy to bleed to death." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Like it or not, a book is judged by its cover. Why? Because perception is reality." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"When there's a tug of war between your heart and head, concerning life's circumstances; always choose & trust your heart." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Attempting to obtain success without discipline, is like searching for a private spot in a public place." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"If we conscientiously practice feeding our faith; eventually, we'll watch our doubt starve itself to death." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Invest in whatever it takes to keep the passion and drive alive within you." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Attempting to accomplish a goal without a plan, is like trying to escape a raging fire with 'gasoline drawers' on." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"After all is said and done, at day's end; it's not our competition with which we compete, but against our very own potential." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"A major reason to re-visit your past memory is to deposit lessons learned into your future chest." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Impress people with the height of your enthusiasm, rather than the debt of your knowledge; because people don't care what you know until they know that you care." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Live your passion now! Procrastinating and making excuses only serves to hold your potential hostage. Why wait until your well runs dry, before quenching your thirst in its waters?" -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Fear death if you must, but have Faith in life; for it takes little or no effort to die...but a courageous soul to live." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Indeed, courage isn't the absence of fear; to the contrary, it's the presence of fear and having the determination and resolve to press on in spite of it." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Should there be some rain in your life, don't fret; for in each drop of rain, some life must fall." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"It is impossible to become a leader if you're not willing to first humble yourself to be a committed follower." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Cherish your passion and you'll always be grateful for the success it inspires." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"It's impossible to change your life...without first changing your mindset."

-Kenny Ray Morgan

"The longer I live, the more I realize I'm convinced that; the most humble phrase in any language is, 'Help me please'!'' -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Chances when you dress like a prospect instead of a suspect; people will seek your autograph rather than your fingerprints."

-Kenny Ray Morgan

"Your talent will take you to the top but it's your character that will keep you from falling off." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"You'll always win more friends and influence more people with honey than with vinegar." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Want to understand the essence of courage, commitment, and persistence?

Just utter these 3 words to a true underdog...You Can't Win!"

-Kenny Ray Morgan

"Undisciplined salespeople will suffer from lack: lack of confidence; lack of commitment; and eventually...a lack of currency." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"Competence breeds confidence." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"An exceptional leader has the uncanny ability, to inspire and empower ordinary people, to accomplish extraordinary things." -Kenny Ray Morgan

"It's a fool who dares to hurl stones when living in a glass house."

-Kenny Ray Morgan

"Surely, your talent can take you to the top; but it's your character that will keep you from coasting back down." -Kenny Ray Morgan

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